Small & Medium Businesses

Service Level II

Are you experiencing growing pains? Do you spend time running around putting out fires, solving other people’s problems? Are you being hindered in achieving your desired growth plans?

SH Business Group offers a variety of programs that will assist you in the transition phase as you grow to the next level, helping you discover how to handle the changing dynamics and other problems holding you back.

Discover how you can build an effective team, do the things you enjoy, and effectively deliver upon the demand you are creating.


  • SH Strategic Marketing & Business Development
    Invent the market of no competition. Experience organic geometric growth.
    Group Program | Duration: 9 months
  • SH “The Art” of Replicating Yourself in Your Business™
    Work less, produce more, and do more of what you like.
    Personalized Program | Duration: 6 months
  • SH Social Media Management and Marketing Services
    Drive traffic, generate leads, and convert prospects into customers.
    Personalized Program | Duration: 6 months

Custom Programs

  • SH Accountability Coaching™
    Produce results when the odds are against you.
    Personalized Program | Duration: 6 months

Premium Programs

  • Corporate Culture: Training™
    Design, build, and maintain a corporate culture that produces extraordinary results.